Recap- Signing Day for 2019 Season

On Saturday, October 13th, the Cleveland Fusion hosted fans, friends, and family at Mulberry’s Cleveland to meet the returning veterans and rookies for our 2019 season! Mayor of Maple Heights, Annette Blackwell, even stopped by to visit, as Maple Heights has been our home for the past several seasons.

At the event itself, we had 18 veteran Fusion players commit, as well as 2 veteran football players joining us from other teams, and 15 rookies! All of these athletes come from unique backgrounds and across Northeast Ohio to be a part of this incredible movement.

Strength and conditioning begins now, with practices starting this January. We are adding players every week and welcome all to contact us for more information on joining our team. The Cleveland Fusion 2019 season promises to be one of growth, hard hits, and lots of fun! 2019 National Championship, here we come!


Photos by Tiffany Kalipersaud and Michelle Herdlick