Coaching Promotions

Promotions at the Cleveland Fusion

The Cleveland Fusion is pleased to announce the promotion of two familiar faces within the organization. Sam Jackson is formally moving into the role of Director of Football Operations and Assistant Head Coach. Erik Keister is returning to the role of Head Coach.

As Director of Football Operations, Sam will be responsible for player development and all athlete-related team activities. In addition to directing our player recruitment efforts, Sam will also work on our marketing and community outreach efforts. On the field, Coach Jackson will work directly with Coach Keister on player accountability, eligibility and compliance with league by-laws. He will also run the strength and conditioning program. Sam will also have an advisory role with the women’s sports teams affiliated with the Cleveland Fusion.

After stepping back for a year to recharge his batteries and devote more time to his family and business, Coach Keister has returned to the hot seat and resumed the role of Head Coach. Erik has a long a winning history with the Fusion, coaching the only undefeated regular season in team history in 2013. His teams made the playoffs in his last 5 seasons as head coach. Erik was chosen head coach for the WFA all-star team twice and won both games. For the 2019 season, Coach Keister is excited to “build the Fusion back into one of the top women’s football teams in the country.”

We are fortunate to have within our organization two men who possess not only the talent, but the love for the Fusion and commitment to its success. The synergistic talents that Erik and Sam bring to the Fusion will make that elusive WFL Championship a reality for our players, our fans and the City of Cleveland.

Tom Monachino, General Manager
Cleveland Fusion Football

Coach Jackson Coach Kiester
Sam Jackson
Director of Football Operations
Assistant Head Coach
Erik Keister
Head Coach