Episode 2- Fusion Podcast

Hosted by Chris Barna, here is the second episode of the Eye on Fusion featuring Elise Bigley, former player and current Director of Marketing for the Cleveland Fusion. 

Eye on Fusion- Ep. 2 ft. Elise Bigley

Episode 1 with Fusion Owner, T.J. Monachino

Elise Bigley
Elise Bigley, Cleveland Fusion Director of Marketing

Episode 1- Fusion Podcast

Introducing a brand new podcast about Cleveland Women’s Sports, focusing first on the professional women’s tackle football team, the Cleveland Fusion. 

Chris Barna of North Royalton is pursuing a career in broadcasting through the Ohio Media School. He has started this podcast out of a passion for increasing exposure for women’s athletics. The Eye on Fusion is just the beginning in this series, showcasing the stories of those within the Cleveland Fusion organization.

Take a listen to the first episode of the Eye on Fusion featuring Fusion owner, TJ Monachino below.

Eye on Fusion- Ep. 1 ft. TJ Monachino

Episode 2 with Fusion, Director of Marketing, Elise Bigley

tj owner
T.J. Monachino, Cleveland Fusion owner